Видео: стыковка МКС и «Союза» за 15 секунд

Видео: стыковка МКС и «Союза» за 15 секунд

11:52 Видео: стыковка МКС и «Союза» за 15 секунд

26-минутное видео со стыковкой МКС и корабля «Союз» с космонавтами Михаилом Корниенко, Скоттом Келли и Геннадием Падалкой представили в 15-секундной версии в Instagram. На нём показаны последние 15 минут стыковки. Космонавты пробудут на борту станции год.


This time-lapse video shows the Soyuz spacecraft carrying the ‪#‎YearInSpace crew catching up and docking to the space station six hours, four Earth orbits, and 100,000 miles after launching from Kazakhstan on March 27. That’s quite a commute to work. The video shows the final 15 minutes of docking, sped up to a 15 second clip, shot from the cockpit of the Soyuz. The spinning object is the Soyuz’s docking radar and the red light that flashes is a reflection from the camera recording the approach. The #YearInSpace crew, aboard this vehicle, will spend nearly a year living and working aboard the space station to help scientists better understand how the human body reacts and adapts to the harsh environment of space. Learn more about the one-year mission: www.nasa.gov/oneyear #space #science #timelapse #video #ISS #spacestation

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